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We view our clients as partners. It thrills us to see a client’s business flourish because of a website that we’ve designed or a web marketing plan that we’ve implemented. Our goal is to do more than create a website for you. We want to help you develop a competitive online presence with measurable results, which enhances your business' ability to serve your customers and streamlines your business processes.

Client Testimonials

Helpful, Creative & Diligent
Apr 26, 2014 by Cynthia Giroux

Having this team develop my web site was one of the best business decisions I could have made. Mona’s team has been most helpful, creative and diligent in following through with all aspects of my company’s web design. Whenever I have questions or need assistance they are always available and responsive to my needs. I consider the Focus Web Technologies team a part of my business team and enthusiastically recommend them to others needing web design and technical assistance to help their business grow.
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Apr 26, 2014 by Jim Duzak

As a self-published author, I don’t have the marketing staff or advertising budget of a large publishing house. To reach prospective readers, I have to have a website that looks good, has a number of interesting features, and is easy to navigate—all for a price that I can afford. Focus Web Tecnnologies helped create such a website for me.

“From my very first phone call with Mona Moore, I’ve been impressed with her knowledge and professionalism, her passion for cost-effective client service, and her ability to educate people like me who are not experienced in technical matters but know what we want. Mona’s attitudes and values extend to every one of her associates; I’ve worked at various times with three of them, and I’ve never received anything less than outstanding service.

“People who visit my website are always telling me how much they like it. And a lot of them are buying the book. Because of the direct links on the site to and other online booksellers, the online sales have been surprisingly strong, almost from Day One. And my blog pieces (which are accessed via the site) regularly get thousands of hits, and in many cases have been reproduced on other “relationship” sites and newsletters.

“All in all, Mona has played a major role in my book’s success. I hope to work with her and her associates for many years to come.
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Above & Beyond
Apr 26, 2014 by Taryn Schultz

I have had the pleasure of working with Mona Moore for several years. As a small business owner being overwhelmed with daily and time constrained tasks to keep my company afloat, it has been wonderful to give direction and sit back not having to be a part of the website configuration, while receiving the exact product we imagined. Mona goes above and beyond to satisfy and deliver the utmost in quality, efficiency, and convenience with premier customer service and websites. I highly recommend all of their services.
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Focus Web Technologies partners with you to become a part of your business. A project manager will act as a liaison, between you and our team of technical experts, to develop and design a website or complete internet marketing plan, or anything in between, that reflects your business objectives, your industry, and your client base. You don’t need to learn the latest technical jargon to get benefits of a quality website or cohesive internet marketing plan. Your project manager will use your vision as he or she works with the technical team to create something that exceeds your expectations.

Simple Solutions

A custom solution sounds great, doesn't it? Now you have something just for you and it does exactly what you wanted! But did your developer tell you that because technical advances and security risks are coming faster and faster, software needs to be constantly revamped. Each time an update is needed, you will continue to pay for that custom solution.

We believe it is far more cost effective for a business to use off-the-shelf solutions.  Using existing solutions, your updates are often free or have a minimal cost and support for the software is more robust. We work with you to develop creative ways to modify your business practices to take advantage of software that is already available.

If  your business needs some feature or function that doesn't exist, we can create that for you, but we are always aware of the ongoing costs and try to minimize those for you.


Web Design & Development

Focus Web Technologies offers a variety of web design and development services, including: CMS E-commerce Blogs Calendars Photo Gallery Video/Audio Membership Sites Social Networking SitesRead more

Web Marketing

So, now that your business has a website, where’s all the web traffic? We encourage you to put your website address on everything your businessRead more


Our goal is to help your company develop an effective, informational, attractive, cost-efficient web presence that is usable by your customers. You get a unique website that exemplifies your business and your style. You won’t pay for features that you don’t need or want — and your customers may not appreciate.

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About Focus Web Technologies

Focus Web Technologies specializes in creating innovative websites and strategic web marketing plans.  Since 2002 we’ve been providing each of our clients with a dynamic online presence that speaks directly to their client base.  At Focus Web Technologies, you don’t get a website that would fit any industry or any client, you get a website that works within the parameters of your business objectives so that you can reach and surpass your goals.

Focus Web Technologies is built on technology.  Our web development experts are not new to the Internet.  They have been working with web technology for years and years.  They have worked with almost every imaginable web application available and they know what works and what doesn’t.

In addition to web development, we also offer web marketing.  Anyone can look online and find out how to drive traffic to their website.  However, a website could receive 10,000 hits a day without any of those hits turning into new business.  At Focus Web Technologies one of our web marketing experts will work closely with you to uncover the best way to drive quality traffic to your site, the kind of traffic that leads to sales.

Focus Web Technologies is a proud member of the Arizona Web Design Directory



At Focus Web Technologies we use training to put our client in the driver’s seat. Most websites require updating at some point. Whether you need to do a one-time change of address or you need to rewrite your web content to reflect new innovations in your industry, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually need to make changes to your website.

Most of our websites use an industry standard CMS, like Wordpress. We teach all of our clients the basics of how to update their websites so that they don’t have to pay a fee every time they need to edit a page. So, whether you want to create a monthly special or post a daily blog, you’ll be able to  access and change your website all on your own.